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Closing thoughts of an almost-no-longer-single pastor

4 days. Four more days of singleness. It’s a strange thing to consider — almost 32 years behind me as a single guy, with musings about relationships and romantic interests and sermons on singleness; a lifetime ahead of me as a married man, with a whole host of new joys and challenges. My counselor told me once: Change […]

Being Single, Part 1: An Apology

[Adapted from this past Sunday’s message at The District Church, “Being Single.”] My friend Eugene Cho joked that it can sometimes seem like single is actually a compound word, made up of two parts: “SIN and GLE.” And Erin Dufault-Hunter, one of my ethics professors at Fuller, said in a class, “Being single in evangelical […]

Links of the Day, September 21

Today is International Day of Peace. And the first official day of fall. News Unemployment in California hits 12%, the highest rate in 70 years. General McChrystal requests more troops in Afghanistan. The President’s media blitz yesterday. Here’s a snippet: Obama on health care: Health care A new Harvard study links 45,000 U.S. deaths with […]


It’s been a week full of crazy conversations about relationships and being single and DTRs*. Sure, there are advantages to being single. But sometimes, as one friend put it, “All I want is to know; I just want to know that in the end, something will work out …” And when it’s a subject this […]

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