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Why Work? Part 3: A Challenge and an Encouragement

[Part 3 of an adaptation of the “We are at Work” sermon at The District Church on May 17, 2015. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.] In their book Every Great Endeavor, Tim Keller and Katherine Leary Alsdorf list some common ways of understanding our Christian responsibility as those who work. You may know—or hold to—some of these: to further social justice in the world; […]

My Valentine’s Day History, a.k.a. A Few Thoughts on Love

For some, Valentine’s Day is a day to treasure, a day to celebrate, a day to spend time and money on a loved one. For others, Valentine’s Day is a day to forget, a day to despise, “Singles Awareness Day.” For me, how I reacted to Valentine’s Day used to depend on my relationship status: […]

The gospel

As good and succinct an answer as I’ve found to the question, “What is the gospel?”: The gospel is this: We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope. This is […]

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