What an eventful day


  • Woke up at 3:45am to take N&L to Reagan/National Airport. They discovered their car had a flat tire. I drove them in A&A’s car.
  • On the way back, missed the 395 N turning. Drove a little way into VA with the fuel light glaring at me before finally making my way to a gas station, then home and falling (eventually) back to sleep. Slumbered fitfully with the yammering and hammering of E going on in the background from 7ish onwards.
  • Got the car tire fixed; booked a tattoo appointment for this weekend; got home; did some work; ate delicious leftovers for lunch; entertained E until A&A got home.
  • Met up with K, who was in town from California for an interview, for a quick chat at the Logan Circle Caribou.
  • Drove to the intern house to pick up  dinner for A&A; waited for Simps to get home. Picked up food; came out to car; slipped on ice with food in hands, which meant I had no hands to break my fall. Broke it with my back instead; better than my head. Winded and jarred, but fortunately nothing worse—feeling a little sore now, though!
  • Dropped off food; headed to GWU for Pulitzer Center/Human Rights Watch event on the Lord’s Resistance Army. Traffic was moving at a snail’s pace; eventually found parking but I was late so didn’t think straight—I didn’t put any money in the meter!
  • The event was good and interesting—predominantly from the journalistic perspective, which was a different one to hear from. Check out Pulitzer Center and Human Rights Watch.
  • Came back to the car to drop off I&J at Union Station; found the parking ticket. Told them about my date.
  • Back home to pack up my stuff and shift things over to the place I’m house-sitting.
  • Done by midnight.

Time for bed. What an eventful day.

Oil Rain in Louisiana

From Pastor Ken Fong:

Learned today that the first phase is evaporation of a good percentage of the oil into the air. This week’s downpour in Louisiana brought lots of that evaporated poison back down to earth, drenching everything it touched. One kitten was seen licking its paws and then found dead 2 days later. The media hasn’t publicized this new dire consequence to the BP oil catastrophe. This affects life far from the shores of the Gulf.

This breaks my heart. And makes me kinda angry, too.

NASA's view of Snowmageddon

This is from last weekend’s snowstorm, aka Snowmageddon–that’s what the President called it, so I’m gonna go with him.

Currently, I’m watching the blizzard conditions outside for what some are calling “Snow-verkill.”

Snowpocalypse DC 2.0

So I love snow. You could say I’m a Snow-bie. Or a Snow-journer. Or … okay, I’ll stop.

Suffice it to say, I get very excited when there’s snow. (Which, if you’re one of my Facebook friends, you can see in my videos.)

So … Snowpocalypse DC 2.0 (aka Snowmageddon or SnOMGasm) is here.

Let it begin!