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What an eventful day

Today: Woke up at 3:45am to take N&L to Reagan/National Airport. They discovered their car had a flat tire. I drove them in A&A’s car. On the way back, missed the 395 N turning. Drove a little way into VA with the fuel light glaring at me before finally making my way to a gas […]

Oil Rain in Louisiana

From Pastor Ken Fong: Learned today that the first phase is evaporation of a good percentage of the oil into the air. This week’s downpour in Louisiana brought lots of that evaporated poison back down to earth, drenching everything it touched. One kitten was seen licking its paws and then found dead 2 days later. […]

NASA's view of Snowmageddon

This is from last weekend’s snowstorm, aka Snowmageddon–that’s what the President called it, so I’m gonna go with him. Currently, I’m watching the blizzard conditions outside for what some are calling “Snow-verkill.”

Snowpocalypse DC 2.0

So I love snow. You could say I’m a Snow-bie. Or a Snow-journer. Or … okay, I’ll stop. Suffice it to say, I get very excited when there’s snow. (Which, if you’re one of my Facebook friends, you can see in my videos.) So … Snowpocalypse DC 2.0 (aka Snowmageddon or SnOMGasm) is here. Let […]

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