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J is for Jesus

Ever since I heard U2 for the first time in high school, I’ve been a fan. I even wrote a paper about them in college (my professor marked me down because it read like a hagiography — oh well). I’ve loved and been inspired by their music; I’ve loved and been inspired by Bono’s activism. […]

Bono: Justice takes your whole life

Bono, at a Georgetown University Global Social Enterprise Event, November 12, 2012: It’s not charity that fires us at the ONE Campaign or at RED. It’s justice–that’s what enflames us; and justice is a higher, tougher standard. This is hard work; I’m not going to soft-pedal it. … People are looking for clear simple melody […]

God loves the poor; do we?

Original post: March 7, 2008; update: January 27, 2010. It’s certainly interesting to look back on the journey that I’ve been on over the last couple years. It so happens that I’ve been reading Jim Wallis’s The Great Awakening at the same time as I’ve started going through Isaiah, and at the same time, God […]

Links of the Day, October 29

Turns out, I just needed a couple days to get back in the driver’s seat. 🙂 News The U.S. economy grew! Which apparently means the recession is officially over. The President signs the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law. Andre Agassi admits taking crystal meth back in 1997 and […]

U2 at the Rose Bowl

In 2005, I saw U2 during their Vertigo Tour at Twickenham Stadium along with 70,000 other people, and it was phenomenal. This past weekend, I got to see U2 during their 360 Tour at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena along with 96,000 other people, and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD. The setlist: Breathe Get […]

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