In some exciting news (well, it’s exciting for me), I wrote my first song for the first time in a long time; it’s called “Muse/Claire”:

You’re my muse;
this song’s for you
and all you help me do.
You lift me when I’m blue …
When I see you,
the words come crashing out,
emotions singing loud;
you’ve got me spinning round.

You’re my muse;
I may be in love too
when I stand next to you
and your eyes see right through
my hiding place.
You hold my heart in your hands,
cradled gently
coz you understand …

This song’s for you
and only you.
This song’s for you;
there’s only you.

You may never see
the effect you have on me
and how you make me be.
So what I’ll do
is keep on writing,
keep on singing,
and hope that one day you’ll hear me
and you’ll know somehow …

It’s good to be able to write again.

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