Life has been real, real busy lately—in fact, I’m only able to blog tonight because I can’t sleep right now (too many thoughts, too much to deal with, too much to sort out). Anyway, like I said, things have been busy: work, school, sports, keeping up with friends, etc.

This next week is also busy: tomorrow and Saturday is Prospective Students Weekend (hey, possible newbies!); Tim gets in on Sunday (yay!), we head straight down to San Diego to see Lifehouse (yay!); Monday I have a paper due (yay?); Wednesday I have a midterm (umm …); Thursday we go see a Lakers pre-season game (yay!); Friday we go see Colbie Caillat (yay!); and Saturday we have a crazy day of flag football and soccer (yay!). So I’m simultaneously looking forward to the week … and dreading how tired I’m gonna be at the end of it (and we’re only halfway through the quarter).

More thoughts when I have time … hopefully.

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