Best day of the year? Haha.

DISCLAIMER: Contrary to what you might have thought based on the last blog (and since a few people have asked about it), I’m not currently in love. The blog was inspired by a conversation about God, from which I drew the parallel with human relationships. Disclaimer over.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, that occasion derided by some as ‘Hallmark Day’, a crass, over-commercialized opportunity for people to spend money on people they love or are interested in so that they don’t have to pay all that much attention the rest of the year. Or for the less cynical, a chance to have a great time with that special someone. Or for the singles, a time to hang out with other singles and do single things to take their single minds off of being single.

My Valentine’s Day track record?

2007: babysat for DJ and Mara, and John and Grace as well, I think. Watched a movie.

2006: babysat for John-Paul and Susan. Ate brownies and did homework.

2005: babysat for John-Paul and Susan. Had a long chilled, quiet time with God.
2004: I bought Ally flowers, chocolates, CDs; we had dinner at hers, and then we broke up. And then we went to watch a movie. Yeah. The moral of the story: don’t go and watch a movie together right after breaking up. Definitely would advise against it.
2003: the day I discovered that when the girlfriend says, “We don’t have to get each other anything,” this does not cover the possibility of making a card, which she did for me. So … I’m bad boyfriend. What a great first V-Day together.
2002: Paris with Katie (there were lots of other people too); we got to talk lots about her ex. It was great.

And this year’s Valentine’s? Class with Goldingay. Woohoo!

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