A word for the hurting

You’re trying to hold on, you’re trying to be strong;
but you don’t know if you can wait that long
coz sometimes it just seems too far away
when you don’t know if you can last another day.

But don’t lose heart, coz you’ll lose everything;
show your soul, baby, though you don’t feel anything …

Touch the sky
And though the pain, it seems too much to bear,
it means that you’re alive, it means that you still care.
Touch the sky
To forgive and forget but you can’t, oh, not yet
But that’s alright.

Don’t lock yourself in a cage of your own choosing;
don’t shut yourself off from the risk of losing
everything once again, but maybe this time
You’ll find all you were looking for, somewhere down the line.

Taste and see, breathe and be
Take a second just to scream
Let the tears come, let the colors run
There will be a day when you’re never undone.

— Justin Fung, “Touch the Sky”, 2006.