The Time Traveler's Wife

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I saw The Time Traveler’s Wife this weekend. Having read the book and loved it, and knowing that Rachel McAdams (for whom I have a soft spot) was playing the eponymous heroine, I was definitely looking forward to the movie. Coming in, I’d heard a couple of mixed reviews, saying that there wasn’t all that much spark, particularly given the sweeping romance and heady chemistry that permeates the book. And I suppose if you’re expecting to be swooning for the duration of the movie, you’ll probably be disappointed. Or if you’re looking for every twist, nuance and detail in the book to be in the movie, you’ll also probably be disappointed.

But I thought that director Robert Schwentke did a pretty good job of drawing the essentials out and making the movie work. Rachel and Eric Bana were credible in their parts, and the chemistry between them was pretty clear (at least to me!). And the ending … well, I’ve only ever cried in one movie at the theatre, and this came awfully, awfully close to being number two.

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  1. LOVE the book and Rachel. Haven’t seen the movie yet.

  2. Worth watching! 🙂

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