A prayer for vision

O God,

We cry out to you for the things that are on your heart: for peace, for justice, for love, for holiness. These are far too scarce in the world you have entrusted to us. Bring about your purposes; as you have done in ways often subtle and unseen, do again in this generation.

In this time of hopelessness, send your hope. For we are longing, groaning with all of creation, desperate for you to act, to move–through us and apart from us. We trust that you are faithful, that you are active, as you always have been.

We have strayed far from you, in thought and word and deed; we have misrepresented you to the world. But we praise and thank you for your abundant grace that works even through our misled and misguided methods.

You will provide, though we don’t know how.

You will bring peace, though we can’t see how.

You will bring your kingdom on earth, and we can’t wait to see the fullness of that day.


Written November 12, 2006.

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