Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly (UNCUT)

Earlier this week, Jon Stewart entered Bill O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone” for a conversation … or, as Fox News described it, a “faceoff.”

Interestingly though, a lot of Jon’s most incisive and effective arguments were left on the cutting room floor. Fortunately, Fox News generously put the full, unedited conversation online, where it was picked up and logged by Gawker.

Among Jon’s best lines:

How many tyrants do you know that really suffer because they can’t get cloture?

[F]ox News used to be all about, you don’t criticize a president during wartime. It’s unacceptable, it’s treasonous, it gives aid and comfort to the enemy. All of a sudden, for some reason you can run out there and say, “Barack Obama is destroying the fabric of this country.”

There’s no Real America, there’s no coastal elite. … The idea somehow that there’s a Real America, where the good people live, the ones that love God and love the country–that’s ridiculous. … You’ll probably find more evangelicals [in the West Village] than you have in your neighborhood.

He’s not Magneto–Khalid Sheikh Muhammad isn’t going to sprout wings and fly out and start shooting buildings with lasers.

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  1. I LOVE to watch John Stewart. SOOOOO funny. Thank you policitions for constantly giving us ammo 🙂

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