Gershom, in transition once more

Well … I’m back. Back in London, and back to blogging. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the time, energy and desire to blog: life has been exhausting—good, but exhausting. And so reenergizing (of the sort that required less mental work) took precedence.

Looking back, I don’t think it was the optimal way of doing life. I’ve realized that I need times for processing and writing and recharging to be built in on a much more frequent and regular basis in order to thrive, but for my first year out of school and working full-time, it was a good year.

And now? Well, once again I find myself living up to my pseudonym: Gershom. Once more I tread the well-worn but tenuous steps of transition, the simultaneously exciting and uncomfortable position of not being what sure what comes next but trusting that God knows what he’s doing because more often than not I don’t.

The internship with Sojourners is done. My worldly possessions are boxed and stored at friends’ houses in California and DC. As I write this, I’m sitting next to an astrophysicist on a plane that’s halfway across the Atlantic.

For the next few weeks I’ll be back in the UK, home for eight good years, home to a lot of memories, and a place I haven’t been since I left in 2006. I’ll be catching up with friends, eating at favorite restaurants and visiting favorite haunts, and processing the last year(s). And then I plan to be in Wheaton, Illinois, doing some campaigning for my friend Ben Lowe, who’s running for U.S. Congress (more on this to come), while I also try to figure out next steps.

One thing I know for certain is that the One who guides me and walks with me won’t lead me astray. And that’s enough; for now and for always.

[Oh … if you’re in London in the next few weeks (probably till mid-September), shoot me an email or a Facebook message or a tweet. And if you’re in the Wheaton/Chicago area for the few weeks after that, likewise.]


  1. I love the updates… enjoy your time in U.K. my traveling friend. 🙂

  2. Enjoy the reflection, the reunions and the remembrances 🙂

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