Tim Be Told share their ‘Humanity’

Last night I finally got to see the band Tim Be Told at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA. I’d wanted to see them since I was first introduced to their music a couple years ago but just missed them when I moved to the East Coast and they took their tour out west.

Anyway, last night was a perfect occasion, since I also got to see my friend Wendell Kimbrough open for them. Wendell and I had played together in a church setting several times over the last year, but it was a real treat to see him perform, with such highlights as ‘February,’ about how much he hates the second month of the year—and my friend Laura agreed heartily—and ‘Communication,’ a painfully spot-on portrayal of male-female (mis)communication. Go check him out!

Then, on to TBT, who opened with ‘Analyze,’ from their last album.

Other highlights from the evening included ‘Miscommunication,’ which was preceded by a proposal—yes, a real one; an acoustic set, including old song ‘Ordinary’; the title track from their newly-released album ‘Humanity,’ ‘Lament,’ and ‘Scared to be Alone.’

What I appreciated as much as the music, though, was Tim’s words between songs, sharing stories behind words, being open about good times and about struggles. It helped provide context for many of the songs, and really brought out the hope in their new album, ‘Humanity’ (which you can now order online on their website!).

Getting to chat with Tim, Andrew, Tim and Caleb afterwards was also stellar—they’re all solid guys.

Anyway, last night was the kick-off for their ‘Humanity’ tour. Go see them, if you can; you won’t regret it.


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