He is Here – Gungor (feat. Amena Brown)

Gungor came out with a new live album last week–A Creation Liturgy–and while I’d recommend the whole thing, I especially wanted to share with you this piece  that comes toward the end.

It’s called “He is Here” by spoken word poet Amena Brown, set to Gungor’s “We Will Run.” And I hope it’s as much a blessing to you as it has been to me.

Audio and words below.

He is here

He’s right here

In this room, in your heart


He is near

Nearer than breath, heartbeat

Nearer than you are to you

Closer than second chance, or next opportunity

Closer than tonight or yesterday


He is real

More real than touch, see, hear, smell, or taste

More real than reality—he is our reality

More real than joy, pain, sorrow, or the love of being in love


He is present

Like space, wind, time, silence, night


He is waiting

Like creation, like words on the tip of tongue

Like songs that have yet to be sung


He is beauty

In oranges, blues, every hue, every shade

Sunset and sunrise whisper his name


He is holy

Cannot be touched, explained

Like sweet seconds of prayer

like grandmother on knees, wood floor bare


He is old hymns

The extending of limbs stretched across trees

Stripes to heal disease


He is Son

Distinctly three, distinctly one

The only one, the only wise, the only resurrector of lives


He is king

And no earthly throne can house him

No amount of elegant words can espouse him

He is moment and voice, power of choice

In word and deed, in fruit and seed

Nailed hands, nailed feet

Innocent wounds that bleed


He is believe

He is all, he is call and purpose

Everything we can sacrifice—he’s worth it and more, much more

Our good deeds are mere pennies, will never even the score


He is behold and wow

He is who, what, when, why, how

He’s the one who puts on the show

He’s the one that we come to see

He is soul’s cry and sinner’s plea

He is the epitome that no one light a candle to

Or come within a million foot pole of


He is above

He is a father’s love

Maker of ways, of earth and wind, Ancient of Days

Have no fear, have no fear, have no fear

Our God is here

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