A prayer request for the church

As many of you know, the vision for The District Church is to be a network of neighborhood churches. We want to be “a church for the city” (as our tagline says), but that can only happen as we build relationships and make an impact on the ground, neighborhood by neighborhood.

More specifically, you may already know that we’re looking to plant a new campus in 2013, and as we’ve looked at where God has called us, it seems the most logical and likely location is the H Street Corridor/Atlas District in northeast DC.

God has been building community there–three new small groups started there this fall, and we have at least forty people living in and around that area, including a number of fantastic leaders.

But all of these leaders are volunteer leaders, so we’ve been praying for someone who can:

  • devote the time and energy necessary to lead a new community,
  • think and strategize with creativity and vision, and
  • cultivate the new relationships that will arise.

So I’m asking you to join us as a church as we pray that God would continue to lead us and that we would continue to be submitted to his plans and his timing.

Regardless of what happens or when it happens or who God brings, it’s an exciting time for our community: God has already been at work in weird and wonderful ways. (And I pray you can say the same in your own lives!)

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