Preview Service: Successful

Thanks for your prayers; the first East Side preview service was a great success! Hitting some highlights:

  • We had a great turnout — almost 60!
  • About 20 of that number showed up beforehand to help out.
  • Principal Bunch was there and got to meet many of our folks — she and Miner Elementary are gracious and welcoming hosts, and she’s as excited about this partnership as we are!
  • We had no insurmountable technical difficulties (i.e. we had technical difficulties but we made it through, thankfully!).
  • Aaron shared the vision of The District Church and what we’re trying to do on the East Side. (You can listen to that here.)

There’s definitely a buzz around The District Church East Side community about what God’s doing in the neighborhood and what God’s going to do in and through and with us, and I’m stoked to see so many people buying in to what we feel like God has called us to do in DC. As an example, we’re going to be joining Miner Elementary’s Service Day this Saturday and we had over 35 people sign up for it — a sign of greater things to come, I hope!

CLICK HERE to check out some photos from Sunday’s worship gathering.

TDC East Side Preview Service

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