Baptisms and birthdays

This past weekend, we celebrated:
EAST SIDE’S FIRST BIRTHDAY (yeah, it’s already been a year!). Thank you for your prayer and your support as the first District Church plant has reached this milestone — and we’re still here! It’s a tremendous testament to the grace of God at work, cultivating relationships, and we celebrated with a cookout in a couple East Siders’ back yard!
BAPTISMS. Five people got baptized on Sunday, including A., a teenager who’d walked into one of our first East Side services and stayed, helping out where she could and joining us for post-service dinners. Two weeks ago, I was able to pray with her to accept Jesus as her Savior, and on Sunday I was able to baptize her. It was an amazing experience and I may (or may not) have gotten a little choked up. Again, so grateful for the grace of God powerfully and evidently at work.
Please be praying for all of those who were baptized and for all of us here at The District Church, that we would continue to seek after God with everything we’ve got and to love our neighbors.

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