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July: Three sermons and a little traveling

[My latest email update.] Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers, all. I survived July! Here’s a quick recap: I preached three weeks in a row. This was the first time I had done this, and it was both a great experience and a tiring one! I got to close out our “Who’s In?” […]

A District Church Summer

[From the latest email update.] Friends, The last month has been very full–in a way reminiscent of the early days of the church, when there seemed to be so much happening that we could only hang on to God for dear life as he whisked us along on his grand adventure. Here’s what’s been happening […]

Matthew 18 and Church Discipline

Great post over at Slacktivist on Matthew 18 and church discipline–“Jesus did not shun tax-collectors”, articulating the thoughts I’ve had every time I’ve read that passage. If this passage describes “church discipline,” then it doesn’t mean “church” the way we mean that word, and it doesn’t mean “discipline” the way we mean it either. And […]

A word from Aaron: Houston, we have a …

… HOUSE!! If you were at The District Church last Sunday, you’ll already know this; but if you weren’t, here’s an email update that Aaron (lead pastor of The District Church) sent out earlier this week with the good news: It was two years ago that we began meeting and praying in our home as […]

Jesus Revealed

Through my friend JR Briggs, I was connected with a new Jesus project, called Jesus Revealed: Encountering the Authentic Jesus. Now I’m normally pretty skeptical of Jesus videos–they can be trite, cheesy, unoriginal, or unhelpful. But I’ve been impressed with this set. In seven sessions over three discs, Brit Andy Frost brings the story of […]

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