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Whoever has the most money gets to choose our next legislators?

In late January 2010, following the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling—in which five justices came to the conclusion that “corporations and unions have the same First Amendment rights as individuals, which means that corporations and unions are free to spend unlimited amounts of money independently in elections”—I wrote a blog entitled “Whoever has the most […]

Hitting the campaign trail

This evening I got to Wheaton, Illinois. I’ll be here for a month or so to volunteer for Ben Lowe’s congressional campaign. He’s running in the Sixth District, which includes DuPage County and Cook County, as the Democratic Party’s representative against Peter Roskam, the Republican incumbent. I’m not sure yet exactly what I’ll be doing, […]

Presidents and Jobs

From Talking Points Memo: And The Nation compares job creation under Republican and Democrat presidents over the last 70 years:

Sarah Palin doesn't need a teleprompter

… but she does need notes on her hand to reference. From her appearance at the Tea Party Convention over the weekend: Let’s look a little closer: In case you still can’t make it out: Energy Budget Tax Cuts Lift American Spirits They came in very handy for the Q&A session. A number of people […]

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