9 Days

East Side Launch


It’s pretty exciting to see this community take off, as volunteers begin signing up to help out and join teams, as we talk through who we want to be and what we want to do and what we think God is calling us to as a new District Church community. Moreover, I went to a Miner Elementary event recently and, upon meeting both Principal Bunch and one of the heads of the Parent-Teacher Organization, was struck by how excited they are that we’re going to be there.

So, as we count down, I’d ask for your prayers:

  • For Miner Elementary School as they begin winding down for the school year; they have an event coming up on June 8 that will be a community spring fair, and it will be the first time they’re doing it. We’ll be helping out as well. Please pray for all of the logistics to come together and for people to show up and fellowship together.
  • For the East Side community as we begin weekly gatherings, that we might know unity and we might show hospitality to any that might come into our midst.
  • For me, as it’s been a busy month of preparation and I’m pretty tired. This holiday weekend I’ll be traveling to celebrating the wedding of some dear friends, which I’m looking forward to; but travel is never particularly restful for me, so I’m looking forward to some vacation time in mid-June. Pray for strength to do what needs to be done, for wisdom as I continue to lead, and for rest.

Thanks, friends. More good news coming soon!

P.S. Added more pics to our East Side album on Facebook.

Preview Service: Successful

Thanks for your prayers; the first East Side preview service was a great success! Hitting some highlights:

  • We had a great turnout — almost 60!
  • About 20 of that number showed up beforehand to help out.
  • Principal Bunch was there and got to meet many of our folks — she and Miner Elementary are gracious and welcoming hosts, and she’s as excited about this partnership as we are!
  • We had no insurmountable technical difficulties (i.e. we had technical difficulties but we made it through, thankfully!).
  • Aaron shared the vision of The District Church and what we’re trying to do on the East Side. (You can listen to that here.)

There’s definitely a buzz around The District Church East Side community about what God’s doing in the neighborhood and what God’s going to do in and through and with us, and I’m stoked to see so many people buying in to what we feel like God has called us to do in DC. As an example, we’re going to be joining Miner Elementary’s Service Day this Saturday and we had over 35 people sign up for it — a sign of greater things to come, I hope!

CLICK HERE to check out some photos from Sunday’s worship gathering.

TDC East Side Preview Service

East Side Preview Service, 5pm today!

Just wanted to make a quick ask for prayer as we have our first preview service for the East Side community today at 5pm, Miner Elementary School (15th & F St NE)!

East Side Preview Service

I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

Exciting news on the East Side

The District Church East Side has a place to meet!!

We just received the go-ahead to meet at Miner Elementary School, which is such an answer to prayer in so many ways, not only because of its location (right in the area where we were hoping to meet) but also because of the partnership of Principal Bunch. Mrs. Bunch, whom I’ve gotten to know a little bit over the last month, is an amazing woman of character and vision, with a heart for the kids, for their parents, and for the renewal of the neighborhood–I don’t think we could’ve come up with a more ideal partner if we’d tried! So thank God for that.

Miner Elementary

The plan is for us to have a preview service in April (21st) and one in May (19th), and then to launch weekly services (to complement the two services in Columbia Heights) beginning June–less than two months away! Suffice it to say, there’s much to be done in the coming weeks.

Please pray:

  • for me as I have my cardiologist appointment tomorrow and lead a couple of workshops at Missio Alliance on Friday;
  • for people to find us and join what we’re doing, and for volunteers and leaders to step up in the new community;
  • for all that needs to get done before we launch in June!

A long overdue update

Apologies for the gap in updates (posting other people’s words doesn’t count!). My parents used to email me when I hadn’t blogged in a few weeks to see if I was okay, because it was an indicator that there was a lot going on! And life has been very full lately, for a number of reasons; so here are some highlights from the last month and a half:

LST ChapelUK: For the last week, I’ve been back in London. I came for my old college roommate Kaz’s wedding, and have been trying to get some rest as well as catching up with old friends. Last Tuesday, I got to speak in chapel at my alma mater, London School of Theology. (Pic courtesy of @tomlcox)

EAST SIDE: We had a couple of great meetings–with a pastor and a school principal–before I left London about a place for the new community to meet regularly, so I’ll hopefully have some good news soon. We also did some prayer walking around the neighborhood recently that was extremely encouraging and reminded us that God’s already at work in our city–and we’re on the right track! More on this to come.

HEALTH: Some of you already know that I made a fun little trip to the emergency room the other week, with what I thought were breathing problems. Turns out, it was actually a heart thing, something called “premature ventricular contractions.” Two doctor friends have assured me that there’s no reason for concern, since I’m otherwise healthy; but I’ll be seeing my primary care physician and then (possibly) a cardiologist in the coming weeks to confirm it.

PRAYERS: Please keep praying: (1) for continued momentum on the East Side; (2) for all of the upcoming Easter festivities, as we remember the most momentous weekend in history; (3) for my health as I return to the States and get checked out.