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In case you weren’t aware (or aren’t liturgically-inclined), the season of Lent begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday (which means today is Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday). While Lent has become, in pop culture, a time for simply giving up unhealthy habits, the tradition is to take this time to humbly and thoughtfully prepare […]

Easter Sunday, CNN, kids getting shot

Time sure flies, doesn’t it? Next week, I’ll have been serving as the Leadership Resident at The District Church for SIX MONTHS. If you’ve been following/reading along, you’ll know it’s definitely been an adventure—getting to be a part of all the amazing things God has been doing in our neighborhood, in our city, and especially […]

Easter messages

If you’re wanting to listen to one sermon series this Easter … … go listen to The District Church podcast. 🙂 I preached this past (Palm) Sunday, on expectations and reality–“What are you expecting?” And Aaron will be preaching this coming Sunday. (We’ll have a Good Friday service tomorrow evening, but won’t have recording capacity.) […]

Have you heard?

“Why are you looking for the Living One in a cemetery?” they said. “He is not here, but raised up.” Every person dies. Only one has been raised from the dead. What a weekend. JESUS IS ALIVE! Hallelujah!

The morning after

Original post: April 11, 2009; repost: April 3, 2010. [Frank Bramley. A Hopeless Dawn. 1888. Oil on canvas.] Daybreak brings cold, harsh sunlight. It’s the day after … And he’s dead. The rabbi, the teacher, the prophet, the messiah. Dead as dead can be. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. This wasn’t the glorious end […]

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