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Election 2012 Epilogue

A few thoughts in the aftermath of the election: On Tuesday morning, I attended an Election Day prayer breakfast at a large African-American church. I had come into the day with a sense of excitement about the elections, knowing the tremendous responsibility and privilege I had as a citizen, and looking forward to being a […]

Go Vote Tomorrow!

Please. Thanks. You can find your polling location here, thanks to Google. You get one of these … sort of a badge of honor (yes, it’s a low bar): P.S. Why is it that the US is one of the few ‘advanced democracies’ that doesn’t make Election Day a national holiday?

Links of the Day, November 3

News It’s Election Day 2009, with a number of races of note going on, including in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York. James Dobson steps down from Focus on the Family. Politics While Republicans are focused on stopping the Democrats’ larger legislative plans–health-care reform, finance reform, climate change–the latter are pushing through a lot of […]

Three-quarters of November

November has, so far, been the greatest month of this year for me. Let me tell you why … November 4: Election Day I got to start the day off with a cup of tea in my Obama cup!! And I got to vote in my first general election!! And Barack won!! And I had […]

November 4

Yesterday morning (Monday, November 3), Madelyn Dunham, Barack Obama’s grandmother and the person who played a large part in raising him, passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with the Obama family at what must be a bittersweet time. — And in case you didn’t know, it’s now Election Day 2008! Vote away …

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