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Kingdom Resistance

Hey, it’s been a while. Not for lack of desire to get writing done, but for lack of capacity. Maybe some day, when I have more time, I’ll tell you about it. But here I am. I’ll start with this: Happy New Year — both, belatedly, to 2017 and, as of tomorrow, to the Year […]

Out now: Junkyard Wisdom by Roy Goble

Roy Goble is someone I’ve known for ten years, since his daughter Rachel and I met in grad school and became friends. (She leads a tremendous organization called The Sold Project, which fights child exploitation in Thailand by providing education to kids.) Anyway, Roy has a new book out called Junkyard Wisdom: Resisting the Whisper of […]

Closing thoughts of an almost-no-longer-single pastor

4 days. Four more days of singleness. It’s a strange thing to consider — almost 32 years behind me as a single guy, with musings about relationships and romantic interests and sermons on singleness; a lifetime ahead of me as a married man, with a whole host of new joys and challenges. My counselor told me once: Change […]

The story of your life

[Adapted from yesterday’s message at The District Church: “Story.”] Today we’re going to talk about “Story”: about the story that we’re telling with our lives, but perhaps more importantly, about the story that God is telling in, through, and with our lives. Story, #1: God never wastes an experience. A mentor of mine first said […]

We’re two — thanks to you

What a weekend! The District Church turned two years old this week, and we celebrated on Sunday in style–there were balloons and everything. In the morning, Aaron shared about the journey so far and talked about “A Prayer for the District”; we sang and danced to music from, among others, Rihanna, Swedish House Mafia, and Bill Withers. And […]

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