Baseball’s back!

Seeing as my NCAA March Madness bracket is officially shot (actually, most people’s brackets are–out of almost 6 million ESPN brackets, only TWO picked the Final Four of Butler, VCU, Kentucky, and UConn), I’m now looking forward to …

Baseball season!!

Looking forward to the Mariners’ visit to Baltimore in May and the Dodgers’ visit to DC in September; and I’m definitely going to try to catch the Ms when I head to Seattle in July.

Yessssss …

Mariners, 85-77

Yesterday marked the end of regular season baseball, and the Seattle Mariners went 85-77, marking the biggest improvement from last year in the major leagues. After losing 101 games last year, let’s just say that expectations were fairly low. But rookie manager Don Wakamatsu did a phenomenal job in leading us back to respectability.

Even though we didn’t make it into the postseason, it was a good year. Thanks to the folks at Lookout Landing for keeping me company through 162 games.

Here’s to Felix for the Cy Young. And for the playoffs, I’ll be rooting for my (other) hometown Dodgers.

Tax Day

I love Jon Stewart.

“Taxed Enough Already.” Protesting high taxes and government’s wasteful spending.

Okay, part two first: as Jon Stewart notes, protesting wasteful spending by buying lots and lots and lots of tea bags—and I may be going out on a limb here, but I doubt they’re going to use those afterwards—doesn’t spell anything as much as it does irony.

Second, protesting high taxes against a President who offers a tax decrease for 95% of the population is like biting the hand that just fed you some good food.

Anyway, in other news … the Seattle Mariners stand at 7-2 and are off to their best start since 2001. I’ve been loathe to mention this in case I jinx their run of six straight wins—my superstition is linked only to sports; and if they lose tonight, don’t expect me to blog about them again for awhile. But it’s SO good to have Ichiro and Griffey back.

[Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images]

And Arsenal beat Villareal comfortably last night to sweep to sweep into the Champions League semi-final, where they’ll face Man U on April 29th (at Old Trafford) and May 5th (at the Emirates). It ought to be a cracking encounter!