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Men, Women, and Super Bowl Ads

Yesterday’s Super Bowl was pretty entertaining for a neutral observer–more points would have been nice, but the down-to-the-wire excitement made for a great game. Congratulations to the Giants for overcoming the Patriots again! (Now if only my Seahawks could get back …) Super Bowl ads get a lot of hype–and understandably so. It’s estimated that […]

Elmo and Love

Last night I finally got around to watching Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey. It came highly recommended by many of my friends, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ll admit that I’ve loved Elmo since I was a kid–at one point in middle school, I may have perfected Elmo’s voice … yeah, it absolutely got me all the girls. […]

“The Calling”: Different Faiths, Common Humanity

Sojourners/God’s Politics just posted my preview of the forthcoming PBS documentary, “The Calling,” which follows the journeys of several people of different faiths who follow a calling to become professional clergy. Snip: Both of my brothers are now pastors, and I also recently followed this “calling” into pastoral ministry, so it was fascinating for me to […]

Stewart, Colbert and Beck

First, Jon Stewart takes on Glenn Beck: And then, Stephen Colbert talks social justice with Father James Martin:

Better than my favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Okay, I was a little disappointed with most of the ads that aired last night, especially considering it cost $2.5 million per 30 second spot (so you’d think they’d put a little more creativity and innovation into them). The Tebow ad wasn’t as controversial as everyone was making it out to be–at least, I had […]

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