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On joy and pain

So many things we achieve are achieved only through struggle and conflict, not in easy ways. They always seem to involve crosses. I have so longed to find somewhere in life some corner where joy is unmingled with pain. But I have never found it. Wherever I find joy, my own or other people’s, it […]

The biblical doctrine of headship

Old Testament professor and living legend, John Goldingay combines wit and exegesis to deliver a biblical understanding of headship: The passage [Ephesians 5:21-33] makes it absolutely clear that a biblical doctrine of headship exists, and it makes it clear what that doctrine is. Men have the unquestionable right and responsibility to let themselves be crucified […]

He is risen … now what?

My April 15 sermon podcast had technical problems, so here it is in abridged blog format. Easter is the most important time of year for a Christian, because at Easter we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ because the death and resurrection of […]

John Goldingay at Fuller’s Baccalaureate Service 2011

From this past weekend’s Baccalaureate Service at Fuller Seminary, John Goldingay speaks of God, “High and Holy, But Present with the Lowly.” Goldingay was easily one of my favorite professors during my time at Fuller–I took all of my Old Testament classes from him, and I definitely miss being in the presence of this awesome, […]

I’m not sure what words to use to reflect on Ann Goldingay’s passing and on the impact that she and John had, or the example that they were, so I’ll just let Liz write. Here’s the first paragraph (clicking here will take you to the full blog entry): john goldingay, aside from being a world-renowned […]

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