Fall: It’s all kicking off

It’s fall, folks.

Which means it’s all happening! The Premier League has begun and Arsenal have finally got their first win; football season has just got going and I’m stoked about the Seattle Seahawks and their new rookie quarterback.

And at The District Church (for those of you who aren’t as excited about my sporting interests as I am):

  • Small groups are kicking off this week–we’ve almost doubled our number of groups to nearly twenty! We’ll be commissioning all of our new small group leaders this Sunday, so please be keeping them in prayer.
  • I’m actually stepping out of small group leadership, and will spend more time coaching new small group leaders and discipling some more guys in the church.
  • One of the groups that I’ll be helping to coach is an Alpha Course group, which is geared toward non-Christians, new believers, and those interested in learning more about Jesus. Pray that God would, by his Spirit, stir a longing in people’s hearts to know him, and that this group might be one avenue for that.
  • We welcomed three new people on staff! Jen Allen is taking over as our Hospitality team leader, Jess Worthington is stepping up as our Administrative Leader, and Angela Strange will be our newest Leadership Resident. God’s definitely been growing us, and I’m so excited to see what God brings to our church through these three amazing women.
  • I’ll also be committing more time to cultivating our creative community, creating more space for our artists to bring their voices and talents to bear, and to invite more perspectives into the conversation. This is another great opportunity, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!

Finally, we’re turning TWO YEARS OLD (on September 16), and we’ll celebrate in part by baptizing eight people who’ve committed their lives to Christ at The District Church! What a joy and what a journey; you all have my deepest thanks for being my travel companions!

More soon. 🙂

A District Church Summer

[From the latest email update.]


The last month has been very full–in a way reminiscent of the early days of the church, when there seemed to be so much happening that we could only hang on to God for dear life as he whisked us along on his grand adventure.

Here’s what’s been happening in the life of our church:

  • I’ve moved into the new church house, and it’s been wonderful to have a centralized space where Aaron and myself and others on staff can come together to work–also, having spent the last six months in a basement, it’s pretty great to have a window that looks out on the world (see right)!
  • We’ve begun to host meetings in the new space, including our last Leadership Community meeting, a small group leaders interest meeting, and a Newcomers Dinner.
  • We’ve been excited to see how God continues to bring people into our community: since January, we’ve averaged at least 11 newcomers every Sunday, and 15 at our triweekly Newcomers Dinners.
  • People are not only coming to our Sunday gatherings, but also choosing to invest and plant themselves and grow in our community, as evidenced by the fact that we had over 30 at our small group leaders interest meeting, including six from my own small group. We anticipate doubling our available small group capacity this fall!
  • We’re in process of taking a survey (well, more like a census) of our church, so we can get a better, data-backed picture of just who we are as The District Church. Once the results are evaluated, I’m sure I’ll have some interesting insights to share!

This is just a snapshot of what’s going on–I wish I could spend time with each of you communicating just how much is happening!

Thanks again for being on this journey with me.

Grace and peace to you,

P.S. Pretty big announcement to come in the next email update: get ready!

You + The District Church = #Winning

What a year! In the last twelve months at The District Church, I’ve:

  • preached the first seven sermons of my life;
  • continued to lead worship regularly; and
  • led a small group that, over the course of three semesters, involved almost 50 people, and saw three new small groups start out of it this fall.

But perhaps more gratifying is what’s happened in, through, around, and beyond myself, as the church itself has:

  • welcomed over 500 people at our Sunday services;
  • grown from a community of 50 to over 200 (and a second service);
  • multiplied from two small groups to eight, involving the vast majority of our church community;
  • combined with matching donors to raise over $100,000 for famine relief in the Horn of Africa;
  • put on a Kids Festival in the spring and a Fall Festival just last month that each connected us with several hundred people in our community; and
  • most recently, joined with other churches in our area to kick off an urban youth ministry program.

All of this comes down to your generosity–that helped me raise enough support to work part-time at the church–and your prayers–that, among other things, led me to my current part-time contract with ONE. I can’t offer a precise “dollars invested : lives impacted” ratio, but know that you have been and continue to make a difference in Washington, DC.

This next year, I’m sensing that God is calling me to this work full-time. Because our church is still young (at almost 18 months, I’d say we’re toddler-aged) and is reaching mostly young adults and unpaid interns, there’s a need for all of us to continue raising support. This year, I’m trusting God to provide $40,000 and I’m asking you to be a shareholder in this vision.Will you pray about how much of this you can give to help change lives, communities, and neighborhoods here in DC?

My ordination is only a week away. This is such a confirmation and affirmation of the calling God has for me. I know many of you won’t be able to make it to the actual ceremony, but one of the ways you can support me is by pledging your financial support for the next year.I also just want to issue an open invitation to you to come visit: come see the church that you (through me) have had a hand in planting here in the nation’s capital; come see the work that we’re engaging in; come see me in the place that God has called me to be, doing what I feel like I was always created to do. There’s guest space a-plenty!

Thankful for your part in my life and journey,

P.S. We were just featured in the latest edition of the Religious Herald! Check it out. (Photo credit to me, my iPhone, and my Hipstamatic app.)

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