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Fall: It’s all kicking off

It’s fall, folks. Which means it’s all happening! The Premier League has begun and Arsenal have finally got their first win; football season has just got going and I’m stoked about the Seattle Seahawks and their new rookie quarterback. And at The District Church (for those of you who aren’t as excited about my sporting […]

A District Church Summer

[From the latest email update.] Friends, The last month has been very full–in a way reminiscent of the early days of the church, when there seemed to be so much happening that we could only hang on to God for dear life as he whisked us along on his grand adventure. Here’s what’s been happening […]

You + The District Church = #Winning

What a year! In the last twelve months at The District Church, I’ve: preached the first seven sermons of my life; continued to lead worship regularly; and led a small group that, over the course of three semesters, involved almost 50 people, and saw three new small groups start out of it this fall. But perhaps more gratifying is what’s happened […]

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