Fall: It’s all kicking off

It’s fall, folks.

Which means it’s all happening! The Premier League has begun and Arsenal have finally got their first win; football season has just got going and I’m stoked about the Seattle Seahawks and their new rookie quarterback.

And at The District Church (for those of you who aren’t as excited about my sporting interests as I am):

  • Small groups are kicking off this week–we’ve almost doubled our number of groups to nearly twenty! We’ll be commissioning all of our new small group leaders this Sunday, so please be keeping them in prayer.
  • I’m actually stepping out of small group leadership, and will spend more time coaching new small group leaders and discipling some more guys in the church.
  • One of the groups that I’ll be helping to coach is an Alpha Course group, which is geared toward non-Christians, new believers, and those interested in learning more about Jesus. Pray that God would, by his Spirit, stir a longing in people’s hearts to know him, and that this group might be one avenue for that.
  • We welcomed three new people on staff! Jen Allen is taking over as our Hospitality team leader, Jess Worthington is stepping up as our Administrative Leader, and Angela Strange will be our newest Leadership Resident. God’s definitely been growing us, and I’m so excited to see what God brings to our church through these three amazing women.
  • I’ll also be committing more time to cultivating our creative community, creating more space for our artists to bring their voices and talents to bear, and to invite more perspectives into the conversation. This is another great opportunity, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!

Finally, we’re turning TWO YEARS OLD (on September 16), and we’ll celebrate in part by baptizing eight people who’ve committed their lives to Christ at The District Church! What a joy and what a journey; you all have my deepest thanks for being my travel companions!

More soon. 🙂

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