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Can we auto-correct humanity?

Saw this the other week (on Facebook). Yes, I recognize the irony of sharing this via technology, but when you’ve got to reach people, you reach them where they are. A more concise and eloquent version of “Faith and technology: who is in control?”

Smartphones and Being Human

Louis C.K. has some real insight on our smartphone problem, on being alone, and on allowing ourselves to feel bad.

Go outside

Artist and computer scientist Jonathan Harris: Go outside. It’s important to get away from technology and experience the world. You’ve got to see your world, see your community, see what’s not being said what needs to be said. That’s probably the best way to figure out what you’re going to say. For me at least, it’s […]

Faith and technology: who is in control?

Adapted from yesterday’s message, “Who is in control?” The world today is very different from the one that we were in even ten years ago. Teenagers nowadays share their passwords as a show of affection … yes, really. We’re a generation that has seen immense (particularly technological) change–and have adapted to it pretty seamlessly. We’re good at […]

Technology killed romance

Or did it? Eugene Cho considers the effects of technology–and not just on romance. What’re your thoughts?

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