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Keeping healthy

It’s been awhile since I’ve made time for things that give me life, that aren’t necessarily ‘productive’ but are highly conducive to my spiritual, mental and emotional health–things as simple as reading a book, or going to see a movie, or discovering new music. I realized that I needed to build a little more of […]

Stewart, Colbert and Beck

First, Jon Stewart takes on Glenn Beck: And then, Stephen Colbert talks social justice with Father James Martin:

Lost in Faith, Faith in Lost

Joshua Alston of Newsweek writes that ‘Lost’ is a show about faith. I concur (though I think you can draw faith parallels and correlations from just about anything–natural theology anyone?). If you still don’t know how excited I am by this show, catch me online on IM or Facebook, or call me. You’ll see a […]

I'm watching Lost

Nice to be able to say that again after far too long. I’ve missed my weekly dose of WTF. And highly enjoying being able to live-tweet and IM with East Coast friends (all while trying not to give away any spoilers; it’s a challenge, I tell you!).

Links of the Day, January 7

News Hillary Clinton delivered a speech on development yesterday. Here’s Nick Kristof’s take on it. Still no developments on the racial violence incident at South Philadelphia High from before Christmas. Walmart and H&M apparently destroy unsold clothing rather than donating it. This makes me sad–H&M is one of my faves. [UPDATE: H&M put a statement […]

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