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Links of the Day, September 23

For those who love The Office, enjoy the timeless wisdom of Dwight Shrute. News The President will address the UN General Assembly for the first time. Among the issues he’ll be addressing, nuclear non-proliferation. A shoot-out at the US-Mexican border between US agents and suspected human traffickers shuts down the crossing. More fires in California. […]

Links of the Day, September 17

This man is my President. I love him. More sobering is this video footage of the landscape post-Station Fire: News In a major foreign policy shift, the US shelves its plans for a European-based missile defense system. Van Jones breaks the silence on his resignation. Green VW unveils a new electric car. The world’s ocean […]

Links of the Day, September 7

News Courtesy of Obama Foodorama: Van Jones’s resignation is a “major win for hate, racism, fear mongering, and the further unraveling of civil discourse in the larger culture.” Here’s a couple other perspectives: David Sirota and Jane Hamsher. Update on the Station Fire, courtesy of Ann Erdman, Pasadena’s Public Information Officer (PIO). Iran announces a […]

Links of the Day, September 3-6

A special weekend edition (since I found time to pop online)! News Obama’s "green jobs" advisor Van Jones resigns after (rather melodramatic, I think) furor from the right over recent comments. See my previous LOTD post for the context and this Huffington Post article on the saga. Also, while we’re at it, why don’t we […]

Links of the Day, September 2

News An earthquake hits off the coast of Indonesia, killing at least 35 people. The California Station Fire may have been human-caused. Human trafficking The California State Assembly passes a human trafficking bill. Green The Great Barrier Reef is under threat. Miscellaneous Van Jones uses "a**holes" as a technical, political kind of term. I love […]

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