The blessing of a break

Well, I’ve been back in California for two days now and pretty much over whatever jetlag I may have suffered—maybe those homeopathic no-jetlag pills that Marsha got me really did work!

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the last couple of days. I don’t have anything to do until I go back to work on the 2nd, and back to class on the 7th, and I’ve been sleeping, eating, sleeping, watching movies and more sleeping since I got back. Actually, I did quite a lot of that while I was in Hong Kong for three weeks. Not so much of the sleeping. And a lot more eating. But these last few weeks have been a time of recuperation and reenergizing.

As many of you know, I was back in Hong Kong for the first full Fung family reunion in five years (check out THAT alliteration!).

And what a glorious time we had. With nine of us (three brothers, two sisters-in-law, one niece, three nephews) packed into our parents’ four-bedroom apartment and our parents a short drive away, much time was spent together, watching late-night football/soccer, talking, playing cards, drinking lots of tea … and did I mention the eating? (I’ve still to break through the 140 ceiling, though …) We saw the sights over the first few days, and did plenty of shopping.

Hong Kong also meant having home-cooked food, and lots of it. And a fully-stocked fridge (yes!). 🙂

And seeing old friends.

Being in Hong Kong also meant being away from Pasadena (yes, I’m very good at drawing logical conclusions). But it meant space and time to process, something which I hadn’t had occasion or opportunity to do in a number of months. So I was afforded the chance to gain a more objective perspective after months of barreling along just trying to hold on to the speeding locomotive of life and not to get left behind. And it was good, especially with re-rooting me in God and removing unnecessary and unhelpful expectations from certain relationships.

I’m happy where I am. Life is still tough. Responsibilities still remain (and, according to the parents, will only increase). But the blessing of a break is welcomed. Thank you, God. I hope that you have had and are having a peaceful and restful break, and that you see God’s richest blessing in your life this new year.

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  1. Justin,

    Glad to hear you were able to get a “break”. It is nice to have a change of pace before everything goes crazy again. I’m sure you enjoyed all of the time with your family and friends in Hong Kong. Enjoy your down time.

    Rebecca Barker-Townsend

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