Sports, music, engagements and a daughter

Today, I was reminded of two things (that I can remember):First:

I love sports. I love playing it, and I love watching it. I love my sports teams. In September, Mara said, “Whoever you end up with is either gonna have to love sports as much as you do, or she’s gonna have to get used to it.” I laughed and said, “I’m not that crazy about sports.” And she looked at me as if I had made the most preposterous statement in the entire world.

Today, after the Seahawks had lost their 11th game of the season, giving up their lead to the Patriots in the last few minutes of the game, standing now at 2-11, I will admit that Mara was right. I do love my sports. I get frustrated when the Mariners or the ‘Hawks or Arsenal are underperforming. And it usually colors my mood for a little while.

(On the flipside, when they win … can’t keep me down.)


I love music. I love playing it, and I love watching it. I love seeing brilliant musicianship. Tonight, after seeing Over the Rhine play at Fuller, I was reminded (as I often am when I go to gigs) of how much I enjoyed playing in Lifesize, and at LST, of how much I enjoyed playing with all the wonderful and talented musicians that I’ve had the pleasure of playing with: Rich, Ben, Daren, and all the rest of W1/2/3.

I miss seeing outrageously mind-blowing drum solos and face-melting guitar licks and Daren bouncing up and down on the bass like he’s twenty years younger than he is. I miss being in the spotlight. I miss writing music every day, words flowing like water from an open sluice. I miss having words and images, rhymes and rhythms always rattling around in my brain.

I love music.

Congratulations to …

… Harris and Jen, who got engaged this last week!

… Rachel, who also got engaged in the last fortnight!

… Sam and Suzie, who got married!

… Joseph and Katie, who had their second daughter, Marlow Finch!

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  1. Yay, it’s so fun to be right! :0) Thanks for the shout out too. Don’t worry Jus, God knows your passions and in His timing he will bring you a woman who has similar passions and/or can balance you out.


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