Sometimes, I wonder if I'm a Christian

Sometimes I stray real far from where I want to be, from where I know I ought to be. Some days, I don’t look like a Christian at all. Sometimes I wonder whether I really have changed. Life, every day, is a series of decisions that lead me toward or away from God; sometimes I make wise decisions and sometimes I make stupid, sinful ones. But each time, I know God’s mercy and his grace.

And I know that he still loves me.

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  1. i think its like a dance. you learn the steps. and the more you get to know your partner the more relaxed you are. i think we missed this atmosphere of relaxation in our theologies and churches. i think it’s not about how many things we do wrong or how far or near we are, i think it is sitting and drenching in the reality that God truly loves us NO MATTER WHAT. Brennan Manning says: God won’t ask you what Bibl version did you read or how many people you saved, but when you see Him, He is going to ask: “do you believed i love you?” do you.

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