New song: "Embrace"

Just posted a new song, “Embrace,” up on Facebook and MySpace. It’s a little different stylistically to what I normally do, so let me know what you think!

Here are the lyrics:

Your love is on the air, your love is on trial;
it hardly seems fair–maybe we’re in denial.
There’s always hope, there’s always you;
we walk the tightrope between what we say and what we do.

But I’m caught up in your furious love again.

And I could never grasp the measure of your grace,
and I could never ask for more than all you already gave.
I’ll take off my mask, for I’m safe in your embrace.

And I’m caught up in your furious love.

Oh, for the lost and broken-hearted,
oh, for the weak and frail,
for all of us who haven’t started
and think we’re bound to fail …

Would you embrace us?

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