I am an Asian American; these are my politics

Okay, not me personally–if you’ve read my blog enough, you can probably figure out almost all of my political principles.

Instead, an interesting–certainly interesting to me as an Asian American–new poll is out from Gallup on the political leanings of Asian Americans.

Overall, 41% of Asians identify politically as Democrats, 41% as independents, and 16% as Republicans. As a result, Asians are above the national average in terms of the percentage of political independents (37% nationwide) and Democrats (34%), and below average in terms of the percentage of Republicans (27%).

The percentage of Asians who attend church on a weekly basis also is lower than for other U.S. racial or ethnic groups. A slim majority of Asian-Americans say they seldom or never attend religious services.

Thoughts? Rationales? Conclusions? Critiques? Explanations?

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