“The Calling”: Different Faiths, Common Humanity

Sojourners/God’s Politics just posted my preview of the forthcoming PBS documentary, “The Calling,” which follows the journeys of several people of different faiths who follow a calling to become professional clergy. Snip:

Both of my brothers are now pastors, and I also recently followed this “calling” into pastoral ministry, so it was fascinating for me to see and hear the stories of these seven. They include Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and Muslims. The documentary served not only to educate me in the ways of clerical training in the other great faiths, but also to emphasize our common humanity even amid our differing spiritualities.

Check out the full blog here. And the trailer here:

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  1. Great to see the documentary made it. Several years ago they approached me as a possible seminarian to follow. I wasn’t up their alley because at the time I was going into the ministry. Funny that what actually happened was that I became pastor during the time when filming would have been happening, huh? Can’t wait for the program.

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