Anniversaries and Appreciation

Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

Two years ago on Halloween, I started my Leadership Residency at The District Church, not sure where the road would lead or what would happen, not sure whether or not I was even called to fulltime pastoral ministry.

I guess God did, though; and one year ago today, I was ordained and began my service as Associate Pastor at The District Church.

And what an adventure it’s been! As I look back, even just over the last twenty-four months, I can see how God has been growing me and teaching me, developing me and maturing me, hammering at those places in me that need purifying — the Master Blacksmith at work. I can see how God has been knitting together a tremendous community here in DC — a community of flawed and imperfect people, but a people who are being renewed day by day, a people who are seeking after God and seeking to serve one another and the city in which we live. I can see how God has been at work in so many different ways, and it is truly gratifying that I get to be a part of it.

To top it off, yesterday at the end of the service, Aaron, Amy and I were invited up to the stage, and the church threw us a surprise Pastor Appreciation Day (we had NO clue!), complete with ginormous cake and dozens of cards written to us by people in the community. It was truly humbling, so encouraging, and reminded me that I am so privileged to serve as one of the pastors of such an amazing group of folks.

It also reminded me how much I appreciate all of you. Most of you have been walking this journey with me at least the last year; many for the last two years; and still a good few since my time at Sojourners, at Fuller, and beyond.

And so I wanted to take this opportunity just to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your love, your support, your prayers, your wisdom, and above all, your friendship. I would not be where I am now, if not for you.

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