Learning to lead through weakness and failure

MeadowkirkWe had our Leadership Community Retreat this weekend, a time that saw almost 100 of The District Church’s leaders come together to be poured into for the coming year. ┬áIt was a tremendous 24 hours, full of spiritual renewal, rest, and rejuvenation; fun times with friends, sledding and playing football in the snow; and just general fellowship among the small group leaders, ministry team leaders, and other volunteer leaders of our church.

Two main takeaways:

  • Matthew Watson: our weaknesses don’t disqualify us. In fact, our call is to embrace our weakness, so that we might boast in Christ (1 Corinthians 1:18-31).
  • J.R. Briggs: instead of allowing our failures to lead to rejection and then to shame, we need to yield to the gospel, acknowledging that someone else has the right of way, leading to a reminder of our acceptance by God not based on any achievement but because of his great love, and knowing that we are honored by the King as he welcomes us and adopts us into his family.

Of course, there was much more, but I’m still processing!

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