Married: 17 days

Three weeks since my last post, and they’ve flown by. Here’s what’s happened:

1. I got married. It was pretty awesome. (More pics to come.) Wedding rawr 2. After the wedding, we couldn’t get into our honeymoon suite for a half hour. At one point, Carolyn looks up at me and says, “Is this real life?” “Yup.” IMG_7699 3. We went on our honeymoon to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. We stayed at a phenomenal, small resort called Blue Diamond — they’re wonderful folks and you should check them out if you’re heading that way. We also threw in a couple adventure days to Chichen Itza and swimming with whale sharks … and a couple upset stomachs for good measure (because no honeymoon is complete without that)!

IMG_77704. We were both back at work last week, and so glad to be home and settling into life together.

One lessons I’ve learned so far: one of us has, over a number of years, formed the habit of sleeping diagonally across a bed. Said habit is taking more than two weeks to break. We’re working on it.


Pray for us.

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