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Being married: lessons learned so far

Yesterday marked four months of marriage for Carolyn and me. We had a conversation the other day about what we say when people ask us how things have been. Because, on the one hand, we don’t want or need to air the ins and outs of everything we’re going through; but, on the other hand, we […]

Married: 17 days

Three weeks since my last post, and they’ve flown by. Here’s what’s happened: 1. I got married. It was pretty awesome. (More pics to come.) 2. After the wedding, we couldn’t get into our honeymoon suite for a half hour. At one point, Carolyn looks up at me and says, “Is this real life?” “Yup.” 3. We […]

Closing thoughts of an almost-no-longer-single pastor

4 days. Four more days of singleness. It’s a strange thing to consider — almost 32 years behind me as a single guy, with musings about relationships and romantic interests and sermons on singleness; a lifetime ahead of me as a married man, with a whole host of new joys and challenges. My counselor told me once: Change […]

Being Single, Part 2: Not a Waiting Room

[Adapted from this past Sunday’s message at The District Church, “Being Single.”] Have you ever been told any of the following? “Singleness is a time God gives you to focus on him.” “If you are in the right place with God, it will happen.” “You’ll meet the one when you give it up to God.” These […]

The biblical doctrine of headship

Old Testament professor and living legend, John Goldingay combines wit and exegesis to deliver a biblical understanding of headship: The passage [Ephesians 5:21-33] makes it absolutely clear that a biblical doctrine of headship exists, and it makes it clear what that doctrine is. Men have the unquestionable right and responsibility to let themselves be crucified […]

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