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Being Single, Part 2: Not a Waiting Room


[Adapted from this past Sunday’s message at The District Church, “Being Single.”]

Have you ever been told any of the following?

These are things that people say—and I’ve certainly been on the receiving end—because they want to make you feel better, to encourage you that there’s a purpose for what you’re experiencing or something bigger going on, and it’s true that there probably is a purpose and there is something bigger going on.


Let me be clear about this, contrary to the narrative of Hollywood romantic comedies and a lot of shows we see on TV and even to the narrative of church culture:

Marriage, or even a romantic partner, is not the ultimate goal of life.

That is not the only thing you were created for; that is not where your story ends.

Singleness is not a waiting room for the ultimate destination of marriage. The ultimate destination is a new heaven and a new earth, it’s fully transformed hearts and lives and bodies, it’s when God’s rule and God’s kingdom are fully realized on earth as it is in heaven. The waiting room is this present age, where we groan with all creation for our restoration to be complete. And the journey is one of becoming more like Jesus, learning to live and love more like Jesus, inviting others into this life-giving relationship that we’ve found with Jesus, while we wait–and we do wait!–for him to come back.

Singleness is not a waiting room, and on a purely practical level, let me say this: the issues that you face as a single person are not magically going to go away if and when you meet what my mom likes to refer to as “a special friend,” if you like it and you do put a ring on it.

Singleness is not a waiting room; let God work on you right now.


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