The breath before the plunge

In case you haven’t already heard, my plans for the next few months are:

  • Graduate June 13.
  • Intern in LA with Oasis USA over the summer.
  • Move to Washington, DC in the fall to be the Policy and Outreach Intern with Sojourners.

I’m totally excited about all of those things. But very, very, very deep down.

Because before I get to those things, i.e. in the next four weeks, my to-do list is as follows:

  • Write four one-page journals, two critical responses, and a final project.
  • Read three heavy (in terms of subject matter) and thick (in terms of size) books, write a 25-page research paper.
  • Write an 8-10 page paper, write up my part of a group project, and write an in-class essay.
  • Think up, write up and present my part of a group project (about which we’re still not totally sure …).
  • Organize and coordinate the Fuller All-Seminary Council elections, and various other ASC responsibilities.

Let me tell you this: if I’m alive at the end of this quarter, it’ll only be by the grace of God.


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