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Gordon Cosby (1918-2013)

Gordon Cosby, founder of Church of the Savior, a church which began in our DC neighborhood in the 1940s, passed away yesterday morning. Four years ago, just before I moved to DC, Church of the Savior was featured in a Washington Post article as its time as a church came to a close–“Activist D.C. Church […]

When God answers

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been so humbled and encouraged by the ways that God has stepped up and provided, through many of you. On several fronts, I’ve been reminded that God is faithful and does answer prayer: In the last two weeks, in response to the email ask I sent out, almost twenty people have […]

A word from Aaron: Houston, we have a …

… HOUSE!! If you were at The District Church last Sunday, you’ll already know this; but if you weren’t, here’s an email update that Aaron (lead pastor of The District Church) sent out earlier this week with the good news: It was two years ago that we began meeting and praying in our home as […]

You’re invited!!

In August, I shared about beginning the ordination process (“Adventures in Becoming a Pastor”). Well, in the six weeks since then, we’ve had an ordination council meeting, at which I was unanimously approved; and the church’s leadership also came out in strong support of my ordination. So with that: I’m so pleased to be able […]

What a difference a year makes

Recently, I was flipping through some photos, and noticed these gems from one year ago. These were taken in Aaron & Amy’s living room, back when the church was newborn and still meeting in the Grahams’ house. I don’t even remember whether we’d settled on The District Church as our name, at that point—my inclination […]

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